Whether you pledged in Section 96 or live here now, there is room for you in APO after you graduate!

Alumni Associations:

Omicron Iota Alumni Association:

Or create your own! Full information here:

You may contact Mia Santos on Section 96 staff for help with Alumni Associations, Alumni Events, or other related Alumni questions or requests.

Staff Positions:

We are always looking for new people on Section staff. We need liaisons for University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT).  Other position ideas and co-chairs are welcome. Send an email introducing yourself to Danielle Tapper at We look forward to hearing from you!

Notable Alumni and Honorary Brothers of Section 96:

Joseph F. Kuchta, Alpha Chi
    Alpha Phi Omega's Fall 1998 Pledge Class Namesake

Walter K. Macadam, Alpha Chi
    President of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (1967)

Edgar M. Robinson, Gamma Eta Honorary Brother
    Second Managing Director of the BSA, Eighth Silver Buffalo award in 1926, BSA's forgotten founding father

Harold C. Case, Zeta Upsilon Honorary Brother
    President of Boston University (1950-1967)

Howard Thurman, Zeta Upsilon Honorary Brother
    Theologian, Author, and Civil Rights Leader

John Loftus, Upsilon Zeta
    Author, Former U.S. Prosecutor, President of the Florida Holocaust Museum