Leadership Day and LEADS

Leadership Day:

Leadership Day is the perfect training opportunity for Brothers who wish to work on any number of skills. LEADS courses are typically offered during a Leadership day, as well as a number of helpful workshops for officers, Brothers, and pledges alike. This event happens during the fall semester.

Future Leadership Day:
UConn (Delta Sigma) - November 4, 2018

Past LD Day Hosts:

UMass Amherst (Kappa Omicron) - November 11, 2017
Boston University (Zeta Upsilon) - November 5, 2016
UMass Amherst (Kappa Omicron) - October 3, 2015
University of Hartford (Alpha Zeta Beta) - November 17, 2013
WPI (Omicron Iota) - Fall 2012
UConn (Delta Sigma) - November 14, 2010


APO LEADS is a national program developed to assist students, alumni, and advisors as they seek to strengthen their leadership skills and techniques. Topics covered include conflict resolution, team building, crisis management, team work, stress management, time management, communication, servant leadership, and personal and team goal setting.

The five components of the APO LEADS program are:
Launch: Launching your leadership development (This must be completed as the first course.)
Explore: Exploring your leadership strengths and potentials
Achieve: Achieving success through teams
Discover: Discovering personal strengths and success skills
Serve: Serving the Fraternity by using management skills in your chapter

Launch is a prerequisite for all the other courses, as it sets a common language and skill set used in all other courses.  Launch, Explore, Achieve, and Discover can be offered on a Chapter, sectional, or regional level. Click here to fill out the form on the national website to request a course for your Chapter. Please allow a minimum of three weeks for the National Office to fulfill the request.