Interested in joining staff? Send an email to Danielle at introducing yourself! Current open positions are listed at the bottom and ideas for new positions are welcome.

 Section 96 Chair
 Danielle Tapper /

Chapter Liaisons and Extension Sponsors
Delta Sigma / UConn Liaison
Kimberly Usselman
Kappa Omicron / UMass Amherst Liaison
Nu Alpha / Quinnipiac University Liaison
Charlie Wasserman
Xi Phi / University of New Haven Liaison
Alissa Bang
Jen Werfelman
Alpha Zeta Beta / University of Hartford Liaison
Leslie Furbush
Sacred Heart University Prospect
Nikki Gradt

Program Areas

Extension Coordinator
Erin Morrell

Service Coordinator
Caleb Warner
Alumni Cordinator 
Mia Santos
Karen Graham
Awards Coordinator
Shannon Dow

Resources and Friends of the Section
Amanda Kalish
Ellen Kranzer
Kim Usselman

Currently Seeking...
Section 96 is currently seeking liaisons for University of Massachusetts (Amherst, CT). Other position ideas and co-chairs are welcome!  Send an email introducing yourself to Danielle Tapper at We look forward to hearing from you!

Past Section Chairs:
Danielle Tapper: Fall 2017 to Spring 2018
Joanna Adler Miles: Spring 2017 to Fall 2017 (Interim)
Amanda Kalish: Spring 2015- Spring 2017 (until Section 96 became 96 and 95)
Kim Usselman: Spring 2010 - Spring 2015
Katie (Bruch) McCollom: Spring 2007 - Spring 2010
Tom Salter: Spring 2003 - Spring 2007
Ellen Kranzer: January 2003 - Spring 2003
Marilyn Mims: Spring 1999 - December 2002
Rich Donovan: Spring 1997 - Spring 1999
Mike Repeta: Spring 1995 - Spring 1997
Larry Labell: Spring 1992 - Spring 1995
Sections 94 (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont) and 96 (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut) were created from Section 95 (New England) in Spring 1992. Section 96 became Section 96 (Western Massachusetts and Connecticut) and Section 95 (Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island) at Regionals in 2016.